Dear visitor,
the next phase of track development at ST Creative Designs has progressed more slowly than intended because of various 3D design problems. If you have the needed 3D design experience and patience (or know some helpful 3D wizard), please see this page and read about the specifics.

If you're adept at creating 3D objects, you could speed things up by submitting content to ST Creative Designs. Besides buildings of various shapes, sizes and types, vehicles (cars, trucks, ambulances etc.) would be welcome, as would realistic-looking trees and plants for the scenery and groups of people (preferably sitting) for the grandstands. There are some conditions that have to be met, however: you must be the sole copyright holder of the content, and if you decide to submit that content, it would be considered "freeware", or if you prefer "all rights reserved", you must explicitly give permission to use (and edit if necessary) the content for the tracks available on this website. Please understand that any content that is a derivative of someone else's work (borrowed partly or completely from someone), and content with the GNU General Public License, Free Art License, any Creative Commons License or similar can't be used for the tracks because those license terms conflict with the terms and conditions of this project.

Before any submission, you should always inform us about your content and make sure the above conditions are understood and accepted, and everything gets handled properly.

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